How To Start A Blog And Make Money (Updated for 2020)

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If you’re like me, you’ve seen a lot of headlines about how to make money blogging from home. Who doesn’t want to make additional income doing something they enjoy that is time and location independent, right?

But is it for real? Yes. Very real.

What can you do with this extra money you are making on the side?

-Pay off student loans

-Pay off debt

-Save for a home

-Pay for a private school for the kids

-Buy a new car


The opportunities are endless.

Before we go any further I promised to show you an example. Below is an earning summary from Google Adsense for a site I launched recently:

What would it feel like if you had an extra cash monthly and more time with the family?

I’ll tell you. It feels awesome.

We live in a great time in history. The internet can work for anyone. If it can work for me – it can work for you.

Being able to set my own hours and work from home has so many more benefits than just money. When my wife had pre-cancer and was pregnant with our second son, I was able to be completely available to her without the stress of leaving her alone or 8 hours a day. It plays into the quality of life stuff that is virtually priceless.

If you get a blog setup and are willing to put in the time and effort, it can become some serious income.

Ready? Here we go:

4 Key Steps in launching your own blog :

1. Setup A Blog With Hosting

To setup a Blog you need a host (where the site lives online) and a domain name.  Setting up a blog nowadays is super easy and costs very little – especially with the host we use – BlueHost (No matter how tech savvy or not you are, they have 24/7 email and phone support. It couldn’t be easier :)  )

For Your Domain Name – Pick something easy and memorable. This doesn’t have to be a premium one word dot com but it does have to give people an idea of what you are about when they look at it. The best available now I find are two -three word (dot) com or (dot) co domain names.

Check what is available for you right now:

Plus, right now BlueHost has a ton of specials on setting up a website.

Hosting- There are a lot of hosts out there but I’m a big fan of BlueHost. They are super affordable (like $2.95/month) and have great support. A host is where you website and content will “live”. It’s where the actual files are located that people will access – articles to read, images,etc.

With Bluehost you are going to be able to install WordPress ( a blogging platform) at no additional cost. The reason I recommend WordPress is because it is so easy to learn and there is a lot of documentation online and on YouTube if you get stuck or need training. Plus you can find amazing themes already prebuilt on instead of spending $2,500 to have someone build it from scratch.

RECOMMENDATION: Do not have someone custom build your website at this point in time. It is way easier and more cost effective to buy a site template from ThemeForest for a fraction of what you would pay a developer.

2. Signup for Adsense

Adsense can be a gold mine for bloggers because as soon as you get signed up and approved, is starts running advertisers. All you need is a gmail account, personal info and a bank account.

You can sign up here:

The key for Adsense is placement. Remember a lot of people are browsing on their mobile phone and ads on the top or sidebar don’t get shown. Make sure you put ads in the middle of your web page like this:

I have found one of the best performing zone sizes on blogs is a square adzone (300×250 ad zone).

3. Signup for Google Analytics (FREE)

This is a free Google tool (you can signup here )and extremely powerful. It is how you will measure exactly how many people are going to your website. By using this tool you will know how many people are going to your blog, where they are coming from and what they are reading plus a ton more data. Use this to your advantage – if you know people are most interested in your blog posts on home improvement, write more home improvement blogs, etc. The more you provide that your readers want the more they will read. Below is a screenshot from one of our sites that has over 1 million visitors per month.

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 7.02.10 PM

4. Find a social platform that has an audience you can write to.

A lot of websites and individuals write content (blogs, articles,etc.) and publish them but have no idea how to put them in front of people who will actually read them. They just go out online and get lost in web space. I’ve found a lot of success in finding a niche that you understand and can be an authority in – moms with toddlers, car enthusiasts, adults with ADD,etc. and use that as your starting platform.

The next step is to then find people that would most likely be interested in what you are writing. Social media is a perfect tool for finding potential readers. Here are some of my tips for the ones I use:


-Join Facebook groups who have individuals that would be interested in what you are writing about and share your articles there.

-Reach out to Facebook page owners with topics and followers that would be interested in what you are writing about and try to get them to share your content across their pages.

-Start a Facebook page and start running “like” ads to build up your followers. (Great info from AdEspresso here).


-Look for group boards you can join that have followers that you can pin your content too.

-Create a Pinterest profile and pin high quality content that will attract the type of people that would love to read your blog. We have over 400k followers for our site that caters to moms and I currently have over 996k followers on my personal profile of people that are into the stuff I am.

Bonus:I want to support your next steps. If you take initiative, set your blog up through BLUEHOST and email me, I’ll ADD YOU TO ONE OF MY BIGGEST BOARDS ON PINTEREST WITH A TON OF FOLLOWERS (I have close to 1 million) :)


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  1. Hi thanks for the info on so invaluable still follow your steps but have to admit I did go on bluehost and sign up my blog is still a bit of a mess but hope in time will get better thanks again

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