How To Make Money Blogging Without A Blog

This is going to be the shortest, simplest post you have ever read. The reason is that it is unique to

No sleezy signup. No emailing craigslist. None of that.

This method simply involves writing great, easy to read content that people are looking for on Pinterest that you already have the skill to do. You publish on and we split the revenue generated from our readers.

No monthly costs, no hosting costs, no crazy tech. Just write great stuff and we do the rest.

How can we you ask? We have millions of readers looking for great content already. Like ready right now.

Here is how it works:

  1. You look for a trending topic on Pinterest that has the potential to drive new readers (we both make money from more readers :) ).
  2. You pitch the topic and get it approved.
  3. You write an original piece of 800 – 1500 words using images you create or copywright free images.
  4. You submit, we approve, we post to Pinterest and you get paid via your own Google Adsense account for ad revenue that shows up on your unique article on on a monthly basis.

What split? 50/50. You write, we have the traffic, we win together.

If you can write the kind of content that makes people jump to read it and want to earn without having to run your own web presence, drop us a line at mm@solomonsociety(dot)co .



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