NET OUT: YES or NO by Jeff Shinabarger

Decisions Change Everything

  • Group decisions into 3 categories: Daily decisions, moments of decision, and transition times.

Daily Decisions

  • Have I prioritized nutrition, taste buds, or expense?

Moments of Tension

  • The further you go in decision making, the greater the problems that present themselves to you.

Transition Times

  • This time gives us both prospective and pain- for example, in the semester you are about to graduate from college and have to determine what you are actually going to do with your life and where you will live. Or the year that you questions whether or not it’s time to quit your day job to fully transition to your dream job.

Take Action

  • What many of us do when we don’t know what to do, is avoid the tough decision.

What is Your Coconut Calling?

  • Change is made more difficult if we don’t have a sense of what we’re made to do and where we’re going.
  • The most terrifying moments of transition come when we are dissatisfied with our current reality yet lack clarity regarding our future direction.
  • We feel stuck and in need of direction.

Finding My Purpose

  • We may find success for a season on a project, but that doesn’t always mean we should give our lives to that cause.
  • “Learn to say no to the good so you can say yes to the best.” – John C. Maxwell

Saying NO to Saying YES

  • More often than not, they choose a calling that improves life for other people. They value this more than making money for themselves. These people have innovative approaches to addressing social issues that plague the places where we live. I love to help them expand, sustain their efforts, dream at new levels and share their stories with others.
  • I am a uniquely creative individual.
  • I need to have the freedom to create and the space in my work life to create.

More Carving

  • I was doing two jobs, and neither was getting the full attention necessary.

Take The Time

  • When you step away from the hustle that makes up daily living and reevaluate the hectic pace, it is common to start seeing things more clearly.
  • Times of transition often naturally give us the opportunity of time, but filled with the fear of the unknown, we quickly move toward any solution in order to fill time, meet the budget and move on.
  • I recommend not trying to figure it out while he was still consumed in his current role.
  • He found energy to pursue this new vision.
  • The more we understand what we should not do, the more a resonant picture emerges of what we ought to do.
  • The process of learning what to say no to only gets us closer to what we ought to say yes to.
  • The only way to find your unique calling is by saying no to those things that are not your calling.
  • If you are doing your best work on the most important things, you will reach your goals.

Moving Forward

  • The fact of the matter is that 100% security is not possible if we are pursuing problem solving in a new way.
  • I had good motives, the people and things that I loved were in support of it and would be served by the calling, the choice lined up with my past story, and I had been given a vision of where my calling and my dreams lined up.
  • Three legitimate options- end consulting and become the executive director, find a different leader to be the full time executive director and become an advisor, or shut it down completely and move in a new direction.
  • In every way possible, leave past partners in a good next place.
  • Three questions guided my choice- What do you love? What wisdom have you been uniquely given? What problem have you been called on to solve?
  • When we identify and prioritize what we love, it brings us life and revives us.

A Lifelong Love

  • You have an idea, but you fail to see the idea through to completion?
  • Excitement does not automatically equate with love.
  • Why? Because temporary passion for something is not the same is love.
  • Those who have a clear connection between their life story and the change they want to make in their world generally preserve past the initial honeymoon stage.
  • In pursuit of a dream, there ought to be a life experience that has shaped the part of your heart driving that dream.
  • When confrontation hits hard, the people who drive through are the ones whos personal story and heart-level connection push them through the challenge.
  • If the idea does not have a direct correlation with our own story, there is a good chance it’s not a true love.
  • Love leads to action. Love leads toward change. Love empowers us to make things different. Love lasts.

I Love Doing Good

  • Am I loving people, or am I loving the idea of doing good?
  • There are things we love and things we want to love for all sorts of reasons.
  • We can only love others as much as we love ourselves.
  • What you chose will show what you love.

Love As Competition

  • Do i go to my daughter’s dance recital or to a meeting with a new client? Do I check my email or do I build blocks with my little boy? Do I invest in a new idea or pay of our family credit card bill?

Take Action

  • The quickest path to who you were made to be will be a line toward your true loves. Prioritize your love. Make sure what and whom you love are shown in your daily life.

Seeking God

  • I find it interesting that as we pursue wisdom and justice and right paths, Proverbs 2 tells us that eventually those paths will all lead us to God.
  • True wisdom comes with seeking God.

Life Learned

  • They key is to not be defined by the past but to be formed by it.
  • Eat the fish and spit out the bones.
  • The people who can connect ideas from seemingly disparate places will create what is common for tomorrow. The bringing together of utterly impossible ideas into something that does not now exist is where brilliance emerges. The more informed we are, the greater choices we will make.
  • If I have a limited view of the world, this causes a limited view of what I have potential to create.
  • What is one thing I can take away from what this person is saying?

Live the Learning

  • “Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” – Albert Einstein
  • Seeking, Learning, Applying, Sharing, and Curating the wisdom you possess- that is a life worth living and a decision worth choosing.

Problem Solvers

  • When we as leaders start taking responsibility for problems we see, we turn into leaders of action- in short, problem solvers earning influence.
  • Seek to be known for what only you can contribute to the world.
  • When you prioritize making societal needs known, you simultaneously gain influence. You build a reputation that others respect and admire.
  • If you try to do everything, you accomplish nothing.
  • Be picky.
  • As a leader of problem solving initiative, you must always maintain this view. Where you are going, the big picture. Seeing what others cannot see.
  • “There are many things we can do, but only a few things we are made to do.” – Bob Goff
  • As a problem solver, one of the greatest responsibilities you have is to attract other talented people to your solution and retain them over a long period of time.
  • Real problems will be difficult to solve. Surround yourself with a team that is pursuing those solutions hardest to tackle.

Take Action

  • Making a change starts with being intentional about the story you are sharing with the world.

Explore the Options

  • We often see a very limited perspective of what could be. It is important to consider what all the possible options may be. Try to include the most unreasonable options in your process, because they could cause you to think of new solutions.

Out Of Your Mind

  • Great problem solvers utilize the opportunity of options as a starting point.
  • Look at 4 variables at work in any situation: Time, impact, person and emotion.
  • Given a clean slate, what would we do to live out our vision? Given the hand we’ve been dealt, how should we proceed?

No, Yes and Maybe.

  • If you were to say no to all the options you were currently considering, what would you do then? If you were in a completely different situation with the same problem, what might the solutions look like? Take out the constraints of budgets, timelines and people.
  • Once you have three good options, consider what might happen in each of the choices to see if you are comfortable with the outcomes.

The Mighty Jungle

  • Every decision will open up new opportunities unforeseen at the previous point. Every opportunity creates new challenges to conquer. We are created with the power to choose. We have been given the abilities and knowledge to make wise choices. Given all the options at hand, you have the opportunity to choose your next adventure.

If I Change the World and Lose My Family, I Fail

  • Often it is your family and close friends that get left behind.

Leadership Choices

  • Decisions must be calculated with other people in mind, or before long you will be a person meandering alone instead of a decision maker with influence over a team.
  • While different is better in my mind- it often means more work for other people.
  • There is a fine line between creating results by looking ahead and understanding the speed and pacing of the people who are following us.
  • But the timing and decisions making process negatively affected my team. Every good endeavor is not the best for the people you lead.

Swimming to the Sandbar

  • Fear brings doubt. Fear leads to quitting. When fear drives my decisions, I usually make the wrong decisions.
  • We must beat fear with courage even when we don’t know where it will take us.
  • Potential failure turns big dreamers into non-doers.
  • If you make decisions based on a fear of failure, you might as well take yourself out of the game altogether.
  • We all have failures, the difference with people like you and me is we fail big.
  • Never forget this moment, and don’t let this failure happen again.
  • Without failure we would never succeed. Failure makes us stronger. Failure is where we learn. Even the wisest of leaders will make wrong choices.
  • Decision makers fail often and fail fast because we know that even through failures we gain wisdom and get closer to our calling.

Fear of the Future

  • One hundred percent security does not exist.
  • Decision makers realize that the future is out of our control, and we pursue purpose in spite of the risk.
  • Most of our greatest limitations are within ourselves.
  • Decision makers choose to focus on what we do know and find others to fill the unknown spaces in order to keep moving forward.
  • There is nothing ‘once and for all’ in any decision to change.
  • It starts with us choosing a new way one day and continuing to choose it day after day.
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