ELEVATE: Creating An Opportunity Filter

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“Search for Wisdom like you would silver and gold…” – Proverbs


This program IS for:

  1. Those who feel “stuck” and are unsure how to move forward in creating the life they want.
  2. Those who are seriously ready for change and want to have a clarity into what that should look like for them and how to move forward.
  3. Those who need help vetting opportunities for their lives.
  4. Those who are willing to invest in themselves and willing to spend time building themselves.


This program IS NOT for:

  1. Those looking for a quick fix but aren’t willing to invest in a long term solutions.
  2. Individuals who aren’t serious about changing their lives.
  3. Those who are too busy to stop and build a foundation for themselves.


I’ve designed this course to be able to go through while maintaining balance with your current life (work, family, etc.). All the lessons are designed to get to the point and be as impactful as possible.

Section 1Opportunity Filters Are Critical For A Thriving Life
Section 2Defining Your Opportunity Filter
Lecture 2Thought Exercise #1 - What Is Important To You?
Lecture 3Thought Exercise #2 - Define Your Present And Future
Section 3Building Your Opportunity Filter
Section 4Applying Your Opportunity Filter